Lamar Institute of Technology: focusing on innovative education, training, and career development for tomorrow’s workforce.

Mission Statement

Lamar Institute of Technology provides quality education and training that enable a diverse student population to achieve its educational goals. Programs are enhanced by developing and maintaining partnerships with business, industry, and the community. Faculty are dedicated to teaching, advising, and scholarship. Both faculty and staff work to serve the Institute and the community.


The Institute of Technology recognizes its obligation to make available to the community all the opportunities implicit in its function as a part of The Texas State University System. In an effort to achieve this goal, the specific objectives of the college are as follows:

I. Quality

IA. To provide professionally competent faculty and staff.
IB. To demonstrate excellent and effective teaching.
IC. To provide student-oriented faculty and staff.
ID. To provide competent graduates.
IE. To create an environment conducive to academic excellences and growth for all students.
IF. To provide and maintain safe, healthy physical facilities.
IG. To provide an active student development program to foster student participation in Institute actions.
IH. To develop programs to attract regional, state, and national recognition.
II. To provide guidance services to assist each student in making an appropriate vocational choice.
IJ. To provide education and training which allow graduates to advance rapidly in their chosen fields.
IK. To instill in students the desires to learn, which will guide their growth in their professions.
IL. To provide in-service training to persons currently employed in Southeast Texas.

II. Adaptability

IIA. To respond to community needs by designing curriculum and instructional methodologies and to provide the technological equipment relevant to changing society.
IIB. To ensure continued professional competence of faculty and staff in teaching, creative endeav- ors, and service.

III. Accessibility

IIIA. To provide open access for those who wish to attend.
IIIB. To recruit students for career and technical programs.
IIIC. To provide services for the community.

IV. Diversity

IVA. To promote a belief in the dignity, equality, and value of every person.
IVB. To recruit and maintain a diverse student population.
IVC. To decrease gender-bias stereotyping within traditional career and technical programs.
Core Values


We cultivate partnerships that develop solutions to community challenges which are important to economic vitality and quality of life.


We strive for excellence in instruction and service by upholding high academic and professional standards, providing a quality educational environment, and continuously seeking improvement in all aspects of our work.


We pursue excellence in teaching and learning through encouragement and support of creativity, experimentation, imagination, originality, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership.


We strive to demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct and to celebrate honesty, openness, and trust as keys to our relationships.


We recognize and value the uniqueness, diversity, and dignity of every individual.