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Continuing Education classes are non-credit courses, meaning, the courses do not offer credit toward an academic degree.

Continuing Education classes are available to individuals, groups, or organizations looking for professional enhancement as well as for personal enrichment on-campus, off-campus or online.

A variety of continuing education programs and courses are offered each semester, including but not limited to, the following:

DFTG 1014- AutoCAD Basic (30 Hours)

Course Description: Topics include CAD equipment selection and interface; software selection and installation; creating, editing and plotting of line drawings for architectural, electrical, circuit, mechanical, or interior design; `create/modify graphic elements, storing and retrieving predefined components; and adding text and dimensions.

DFTG 1050- AutoCAD Intermediate (30 Hours)*Prerequisite DFTG 1014 Required

Course Description: A course in creating, storing, and retrieving predefined components and adding text and dimensions to drawings.

CNSE 1003- Forklift Training (8 Hours)

Course Description: Information and training for forklift operators including forklift design, controls and instrumentation, comprehensive pre-use inspection, and forklift stability and factors affecting stability. Course includes hands-on training and demonstration of proficiency. (OSHA Standard Certified Training)

OSHT 1011 Aerial Lift Training (8 Hours)

Course Description: Provide participants with orientation and hands on training for safe operation of mechanical lifts. Emphasis is placed Aerial Lift fundamentals, operations, electrical hazards and the difference between Aerial Lifts and Scaffolds. (OSHA Standard Certified Training)

ITSC 1012 Basic Computer, Email & Internet (7 Hours)

Course Description: This course is designed as an overview of computer basics, email, and internet research. The basic computer email & internet continuing education course consists of learning how to turn on/off computer, recognize icons and various computer components, open/close software, set-up personal email account, send/receive email with and without attachments, search the internet, move between websites, and bookmark websites.

POFI 1024 Microsoft Word (7 Hours)

Course Description: Introduction to Microsoft Word terminology, editing functions, formatting, and special text options.

ITSW 1022 Microsoft Excel (7 Hours)

Course Description: An introductory Microsoft Excel class covering instruction in terminology, program parameters, display characteristics, formatting features, mathematical functions, and printing.

TSW 1037 Microsoft PowerPoint (7 Hours)

Course Description: Introduction to computerized presentation graphics using Microsoft PowerPoint that leads the participant through planning, design, and production of business graphics and charts in a slideshow presentation.

ITSW 1053 Microsoft Access (7 Hours)

Course Description: An introduction to database concepts including: Program parameters, data dictionary, optional field characteristics, calculations, constant default values, data entry form design, database organization, and report generation.

MDCA 1021, 1060, & 1064 Clinical Medical Assistant (294 Hours)

Course Description: As a Clinical Medical Assistant the student will be trained to help the physician carry out procedures, care for patients, perform basic lab tests and administer medications. The Clinical Medical Assistant works in a physician’s office or a clinic setting. This course combines classroom instruction of 134 hours and off-site externship of 160 hours to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience.

PHRA 1013 Pharmacy Technician

Course Description: As a Pharmacy Technician you will help the pharmacist package or mix prescriptions, maintain client records, refer clients to the pharmacist for counseling, assist with inventory control and purchasing, as well as collect payment and coordinate billing. This course is 69 hours in length.

NURA 1041 Medication Aid Update

Course Description: This program is mandated by the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 242, Subchapter N, concerning the administration of medications to facility residents, and the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 142, Subchapter B, concerning the administration of medication by a home and community support services agency. Medication aide permitting activities are conducted by the NFA (Nursing Facility Administrator) Licensing Branch (512-438-2025) and include:

  1. Permitting activities, including continuing education, issuance, and renewal
  2. Approving and monitoring of medication aide training programs in educational institutions
  3. Developing educational, training, and testing curricula; and
  4. Coordinating and administering tests.

Medication aide enforcement activities are conducted by the Professional Credentialing Enforcement Unit (512-438-5495) and include:

Coordinating referrals and due process for medication aides related to findings of misconduct and/or violation(s) of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 242 or Licensing Standards for Medication Aides at 40 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 95 and Imposing and monitoring sanctions.

FRNL 1091 English as a Second Language

Course Description: An introductory ESL class designed to teach individuals basic communication of the English Language through conversational lectures and hands on activities.