Homeland Security

Lamar Institute of Technology has developed Homeland Security continuing education courses that provide state-of-the-art training leading to the following Homeland Security certificates.

  • Understanding and Combating Terrorism
  • Homeland Security Intelligence Operations
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Emergency Management

These workforce education courses allow learners to extend their professional homeland security skills while deepening their knowledge on a wide variety of Homeland Security issues.

Each certificate requires completion of a set number of classes. Upon enrollment in the Homeland Security one year certificate or degree program at LIT, these CEU certificates can be transferred into credit hours. Students can also apply the CEU hours toward mandated professional development requirements.

Courses will be delivered in 8-hour block.

  • United States Citizens with no felony convictions and able to pass a background investigation
  • First Responders
  • Fire Fighters
  • Corrections and Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Emergency Managers
  • Healthcare: Security and Public Health
  • Government Facilities & Education Security Managers/Officers
  • Emergency Medical Professionals
  • Loss Prevention Staff
  • Corporate and Plant Security
  • Food and Agriculture Safety Personnel
  • Local Leaders: Mayors, Chiefs, CEOs
  • Volunteers and Concerned Citizens
Homeland Security recommended program of study

Associate of Applied Science
Certificate of Completion