Students who might prefer Distance Learning Courses...

Students who might prefer Traditional Courses...

Have excellent time management skills Work better in structured time environment
Enjoy communicating with others through list-servs, discussion groups, and email Like instructional and social interaction of face-to-face classroom
Learn best by reading or watching Learn best by listening and speaking
Prefer not to drive to campus and are able to commit other time for completing and submitting the assignments Are able to commit the time for commuting and attending 3 – 4 hours of class per week and completing projects
Have heavy work or family responsibilities Are able to come to class on campus
Have convenient and reliable access to the Internet at most times Have difficulty obtaining regular access to the Internet and email
Are self-motivated Are motivated by others
Prefer to work at own pace and at flexible or non-traditional times Need definite deadlines
Have some computer skills and enjoy using the Internet Are uncomfortable using a computer
Enjoy taking control of own learning Like more direction/structure provided by instructor