Online Class: A class that meets 100% online through a LIT approved online management system (i.e., Blackboard)

Hybrid Class: A class that meets at least 51% face-to-face (Traditional Class) and less than 100% on campus. The non-campus percentage is offered online utilizing a learning management system (i.e., Blackboard)

Traditional Class: A class that physically meets face-to-face at the following campuses: LIT, Silsbee, AGC (Associated General Contractors) and the Fire Grounds. These classes might also utilize a learning management system (i.e., Blackboard).

Is Distance Learning Right for Me?

Thinking about taking an online course? Would you be a good candidate for succeeding in a web-delivered course? Will Online Learning fit your circumstances, lifestyle, and educational needs? /p>

Distance Learning classes take place in a unique, online environment with a format different than the traditional classroom setting. Many students think that an online class will be easier than a traditional class, but if you are not a self-motivated student with good time management and computer skills, online classes can be more demanding than traditional face-to-face classes.