All students MUST turn in Direct Deposit form information to receive any refunds. Students who officially withdraw during the refund period will receive a refund for tuition, student center fee, student services fee, course fee, library use fee, and technology service fee.

See Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Students receiving financial aid may owe all or part of any unearned funds upon withdrawal.

Students who received scholarship(s) may be required to return all scholarship awards upon withdrawal.

Refunds for Dropped Courses

Students who drop courses and seek a refund must remain enrolled at LIT. If a student withdraws after dropping one or more courses, no refunds will be given for the dropped course(s). Students should review the Six Drop Rule to understand the limits regarding dropped courses.

Students who drop during the drop period will receive a refund on tuition and fees based on the dropped course refund schedule.

See Dropped Course Refund Schedule