The Office of Student Activities is designed to give LIT students a variety of events and experiences outside of the classroom to create a well-rounded student life program that is accessible to every student.

Most student activities focus on some area of student advancement; such as leadership development, professional development, networking, and community service and engagement.

The Student Activities Office also focuses on continuing education for life topics; such as financial literacy, health awareness, job interviewing techniques and resume support training.

Events like contests, pageants, talent shows, etc. come with positive rewards geared to help offset student costs, increase pride at LIT and support student retention.

Student Government Association
The Student Government Associtaion (SGA) and LIT Student Organizations fall under the umbrella of Student Activities. The SGA serves as the representative voice of the student body.

All enrolled LIT students are members of the SGA, which affords each student an opportunity to promote, support, and participate in campus life. The SGA President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and one Representative at Large are elected in a general student election each spring semester. The SGA hosts bi-weekly meetings that are open for all registered students. SGA offices are located in the Cecil Beeson Building (Room 105).

Student organizations are governed by the SGA. Organizations are comprised of students with similar interests and/or fields of study who are focused on achieving the same goals. LIT has approximately 20 student organizations all meeting outside of classroom hours and operating under individual constitutions with the assistance of an LIT Advisor. LIT also participates with a chapter of the Nation Honor Society (or Phi Theta Kappa).

To view a current calendar of upcoming activities, more on SGA or for a list of LIT Student Organizations, please visit