Miller Analogies Test

Due to the decline in the use and interest of the MAT over the years, the MAT, MAT Practice Tests, and Study Guide will be retiring at the end of November 2023.  The final administration will be given no later than November 15, 2023, at participating MAT Controlled Testing Centers.     
Official Transcripts and Personal Score Reports will be available to examinees upon request at our website for the next 2 years, or until November 2025.   
Additional updates about the MAT can be found at our website  
As a reasonably priced test administered in 60 minutes, the Miller Analogy Test (MAT) represents an excellent option for candidates applying to any of the hundreds of graduate programs that accept MAT scores for admission.

For more information on the MAT, please visit:

To make an appointment to take the MAT, please contact us at 409-247-4978, 409-241-9701 or visit us at 855 East Lavaca Beaumont TX in the Eagles' Nest Building Room 115. Parking is available in the front of the campus at no charge. Testing fee: $75, which may be paid on test day.