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Industrial Radiography Initial 40-hr Radiation Safety Course and Certification

This safety course is intended to meet State and Federal regulatory requirements for initial training to practice radiography with radioactive materials. The course is composed of 5 eight-hour days and concludes with an examination and a hands-on exercise. Successful completion of this course will allow the student to work as a trainee under the State of TX and all NRC agreement states. Course subjects include:
  • Fundamentals of radiation safety
  • Radiation detection and instrumentation
  • Collecting and Interpreting activity and exposure Data
  • Use of radiographic equipment
  • Pertinent Federal and State regulatory requirements
  • Generic operating, safety, and emergency procedures
Specifically, the course is designed to meet the requirements of 25 TEXAS ADMINISTRATIVE CODE §289.226 as an Agency Accepted Training Course under the Texas Department of State Health Services / Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation for personnel operating radiation-emitting devices. Upon successful completion of this course, students are trained to handle X-ray machines and Gamma Ray source carrying devices in the industrial application as trainees under a state certified Industrial radiography/RSO.

Cost: $375 
Tuition for this section is being offered at a 50% discounted rate to the public. Registration must be completed before the first day of class. Registration is limited.

40-Hours Basic Radiation Safety Certification