Cross-Training Workforce Development

Corporate Training Catalog
Industries face increased pressures to adapt to new demands and shrinking revenues. At the same time, many agencies are in the midst of a wave of baby-boomer retirements and struggle to attract and retain employees with the skills and experience needed.  In this environment, agencies are seeking new approaches to better using available resources to improve efficiencies and enhance workforce skills. LIT’s cross-training workforce development allows the employer to tailor it’s employee skills demands to improve performance, create a culture that enables innovation, and reduce disruptions associated with workforce transition. Other reasons include: ­
  • Career development – creating job ladders
  • Cross Utilization – utilizing work units to share in seasonal work ­
  • Foster better leaders – identifying and developing leaders early in their career ­
  • Improved teamwork – exchanging knowledge between job functions ­
  • Succession planning – preparing the organization for retirements ­
  • Trained backups for coverage – training employees to fill in when the primary person is away for an extended time