Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Medical Services Paramedic - Certificate

How can I be successful in the Paramedic courses?
1. Read and study the textbook diligently
The textbook is usually about 1,000 pages (but to be fair does have a lot of diagrams and pictures). YOU REALLY DO NEED TO READ AND STUDY IT ALL. The textbook is the foundation of your learning which the training program should expand upon in its presentations and practical skills training.
2. Consistent studying every week - DON’T CRAM
This is crucial. You really can get through a 1,000-page textbook in a few months if you consistently work on a few chapters every week. Utilize active learning techniques such as taking notes, making flash cards, quizzing with a friend or family member, etc.
3. Use a strategy for answering medical-style multiple choice questions
Many students are unprepared for how to analyze the test questions in EMT class, which are not all just straightforward knowledge recall questions
4. You are given a copy of the practical skills exam in advance - Use this to your advantage
The NREMT practical skills exam consists performing steps outlined in several skill sheets that you should receive your first day of class. Practice, practice, practice these skills until they are memorized.
5. Be prepared to push your interpersonal skills
Succeeding in EMT class and as an EMT in the field is more than just knowing things. It requires tactful and professional communication with patients who are often in significant distress as well as with other health care professionals. You must start working on these skills during EMT class. If you are normally a very reserved person, then be prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
6. You don’t need a background in science
A good training program will thoroughly explain the fundamentals behind physiology to you. The goal of EMT training is for you to be able to recognize the potential and likelihood of life-threatening illness and injury, and begin initial interventions before the patient reaches definitive care at the hospital.
Do your research when picking a training program - it will make a world of difference in your ability to succeed. Ask them for their graduation rate and NREMT cognitive exam pass rate. See how long it takes them to return your voicemail or email (this may give an indication to how responsive they’ll be during the course). If possible, corroborate your research with actual student reviews and recommendations from people you know.

How to Become a Paramedic.
You must attend a state and or nationally accredited program to be eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMT’s (NREMT) cognitive and psychomotor exams. 
You must successfully pass all NREMT exams to be eligible for certification at the state level.
You must be certified at the level of EMT- Basic or Advanced EMT.