Dual Credit

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit while enrolled in their local high school. Dual Enrollment is also referred to as dual credit or concurrent course credit. However, dual enrollment refers to a circumstance in which a student is enrolled in more than one educational institution.

By taking part in the LIT Dual Credit Program, eligible high school students can take academic or technical college courses that will get them a jump start to a college degree while in high school. Eligible high school students and their families can potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses during their college career at Lamar Institute of Technology!

Determine your eligibility by expressing interest to your High School Counselor or contact one of our Advisors.

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Benefits of Dual Credit Students

Save Time
The more courses you take through dual enrollment, the fewer you'll need to complete after high school to earn a college degree. In some cases, you may earn enough credits to complete a two-year Associate Degree or Level One Certificate before graduating from high school!
Gain Valuable Skills
College-level work requires a good deal of responsibility, time management, and independence. Learning these skills through dual enrollment is fantastic preparation for life in college, the workplace, and society
Earn Credits for Transfer
All core curriculum courses have been converted to ensure that if you decide to leave for another institution, your credits may transfer. To see if a course will transfer to a college or university in Texas, visit www.tccns.org
Save Money
Students earn college credits at a reduced rate before graduating from high school thus reducing their college tuition costs and accelerating their college degree program.