Allied Health Admission Application

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Note: Applications are received during the first business day of January - last day of February of each year. Applications received outside of this time period will NOT be considered.

The application window is currently CLOSED. All applications to the Allied Health Programs will be notified by May 19th.

General Application Instructions

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Lamar Institute of Technology A member of the Texas State University System

Dear Applicant:

You have indicated an interest in pursuing a career in a healthcare profession. Enclosed are all the necessary instructions for your application to our Allied Health programs at Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT), which include Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care, Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography, & Diagnostic Medical Sonography. A graduate of any of these programs will be awarded an Associates of Applied Science Degree.

Please follow all directions thoroughly and completely. All materials must be submitted to us during January and February. The final day to submit your application is the last day of February. A committee will review all applications during the months of March & April and applicants will be notified by May 15th.

Each program has different requirements for acceptance. These requirements will be individually listed in an attached document below by program.

We look forward to receiving your application. If we may be of any help, please contact us at 409-247-5069 or 409-247-4866.

Procedures For Application, Selection, And Admission To Healthcare Professions Programs

Please note: sending your official transcripts and acceptance to LIT is required and the first step of the application process. Acceptance to LIT does not guarantee acceptance to the healthcare professions program. Applications without evidence of this first step will not be reviewed.


  1. Apply to Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) using
  2. Send the official high school transcript, all college transcripts, and SAT or ACT test results to LIT Admissions at P.O. Box 10043 Beaumont, TX 77710 or email to
  3. Students accepted to LIT will be issued a T-Number (student identification number) which is required to apply to the programs.
  4. College GPA must be 2.5 or higher.
  5. Grades in all prerequisite coursework must be a “C” or higher.
  6. Grades from all science courses must be within the last five years.
  7. Grade replacements will be recorded as the highest grade earned.
  8. Successfully complete DORI 0200 or meet approved exemptions prior to acceptance into the healthcare professions program.
  9. Pass all sections of Texas Success Initiative (TSI), an approved alternative test, or be exempted from the test.
    1. Register through the ATI website at for the TEAS for Allied Health OR TEAS for Nursing Students as specified by the professional program.
    2. Special accommodations should be made with Special Populations and Testing Center before registering with ATI to ensure resources are available.
    3. Exam fee $107.00
    4. One exam transcript (exam score) will be provided to the school of the student’s choice with the purchase of the ATI TEAS exam. Additional transcripts (exam scores) may be purchased and sent to additional schools. See the ATI website for the cost of additional transcripts (
    5. Important Note: Check the testing registration schedule and avoid waiting until the end of the testing period to assure testing times are available prior to the admission deadline. Admission packets will not be accepted past the deadline.

Terms And Conditions for Admission

Applicant's Responsibilities

The applicant must maintain a professional and civil demeanor throughout the application process. The applicant must keep his/her mailing address current with the LIT Department of Allied Health Office as well as the LIT Admissions and Records Office.

Selective Admission

Admission to individual Healthcare Professions programs is selective with the number of students admitted based on facility constraints. Admission to LIT does not guarantee admission to specific programs. Each program utilizes a competitive and selective admissions process to choose the most qualified applicants.

Selection of Applicants is Based On

  1. Overall college GPA
  2. Science GPA
  3. Number of Repeated courses
  4. TEAS Scores
  5. Completion of additional health professions courses and co-requisite courses within the degree plan.

Incomplete/Late Applications

Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Admission information is subject to change and is not a contract.

Conditional Acceptance

Acceptance into Health Professions Programs is conditional, pending completion of all required documentation by the stated deadline:

  • immunizations
  • health history and physical
  • satisfactory criminal background check
Conditional acceptance to a Healthcare Professions program is forfeited if requirements are not submitted by the stated deadline.

  1. Physical and Immunizations: Healthcare Professions students must complete an annual physical and provide record of the following immunizations before providing direct patient care. If records are not available, immunity can be confirmed by serologic testing.
    • Documented history of varicella disease or received varicella immunization (2 doses)
    • Two doses of measles-containing vaccine, preferably the MMR vaccine
    • Tetanus vaccine within the past ten (10) years
    • Hepatitis B vaccine series
    • Documented current tuberculin skin test that is negative for Tuberculosis or TB questionnaire and clearance of chest x-ray in accordance with CDC policy (refer to Healthcare Program deadline for completion).
  2. Health History and Physical: The Healthcare Professions program will provide the Health History and Physical format required upon acceptance.
  3. Criminal Background Screening: The Joint Commission requires Clinical Affiliates of LIT to ensure that healthcare providers having contact with patients are free of any past or present criminal behavior that might jeopardize the welfare of the patient or personnel.

All applicants must submit to a Criminal Background screening via Castlebranch, a background check service that allows students to purchase their own background check. This screening must be completed after acceptance to the program, but before beginning healthcare professions classes. Results of the background check are posted on the website in a secure, tamper-proof environment, where the student, as well as LIT can view the background check. The committee will access the records online; therefore, students are not required to submit a paper copy of the background check.

The clinical agencies used by LIT are required by The Joint Commission to ensure that personnel having contact with patients be free of any past or present criminal behavior that might jeopardize the welfare of the patient or personnel.

The following criminal histories will prohibit a student from enrolling in any of our healthcare professions clinical courses.

  1. Misdemeanor conviction/deferred adjudication or felony conviction/deferred adjudication involving crimes against persons (physical or sexual abuse).
  2. Misdemeanor convictions/deferred adjudication related to normal turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposures, etc.).
  3. Felony convictions/deferred adjudication for the sale, possession, distribution, or transfer of narcotics or controlled substances.
  4. Registered sex offenders.
  5. Healthcare professions programs also adhere to State Legislation that may hinder someone from working in the Healthcare industry.

Note: Students not accepted into one of the programs must submit a new application for consideration for admission the following year. If the student has taken additional courses, they will also need to submit new transcripts with the new application.

Below are links to each individual program’s additional requirements and a letter from the Program Director. Please review these for each of the programs you are interested in before filling out the application.

Programs Applying to:
1st Choice Program
2nd Choice Program
3rd Choice Program
Contact Information
First Name (You can include hyphens (-) if applicable)
Last Name (You can include hyphens (-) if applicable)
LIT Email Address
Personal Email Address
Date of Birth
Applicant Phone Number
Street City State Zip
In case of emergency contact:
Relationship to student:
List of College(s) attended:
High School(s) attended:
Q.1a: Have you ever been arrested or convicted of any crime other than a minor traffic violation?
Please explain (min. 10, max. 200 chars.)
Q.2a: Have you ever attended any other Allied Health Program?
Please explain (min. 10, max. 200 chars.)
Q.3a: Do you have any medical problems which may limit you in performing the duties of a healthcare professional?
Please explain (min. 10, max. 200 chars.)
Course Information

Below, please select the semester and year that you have taken the courses listed. Please skip the courses you have not taken yet. If you have taken any additional courses, please list them in “other”.

Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Where was course taken?
English I
Public Speaking
Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Where was course taken?
Fine Arts Appreciation
Art Appreciation (Dance/Music/Film/Theater)
Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Where was course taken?
Contemporary Math
College Algebra
Calculus I, II, or III
Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology
Lifespan Psychology
Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Where was course taken?
Basic Health Professions
Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
Microbiology Lecture
Microbiology Lab
Chemistry ( Intro or General )
Chemistry Lab ( Intro or General )
General Biology 1 Lecture
General Biology 1 Lab
Course ID ( Ex: ENGL1301 )
Where was course taken?
Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
College Algebra
Chemistry ( Intro or General )
Chemistry Lab ( Intro or General )
Contemporary Math
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Medical Terminology
Creative Arts Course
Upload Certifications/License/Experience ( CPR does not qualify )


  • Medical Lab Assistant
  • CNA
  • LVN
  • EMT
  • Dental Assiting License
  • One Year Experience in a health profession

Please email your certification or experience attachments to and make sure to include your full name and date of birth.

Applicant Signature

I hereby certify the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand any misrepresentation or falsification of information is cause for denial of admission to any Allied Health Program or expulsion from Lamar Institute of Technology. I understand that information contained in this application will be read by faculty and/or staff of Lamar Institute of Technology Allied Health admissions personnel.

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Lamar Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity /affirmative action educational institution employer. Students, faculty and staff members are selected without regard to their race, creed, sex, age, handicap or national origin, consistent with the Assurance of Compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended: section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Inquiries concerning application of these regulations may be referred to the Director of Human Resources. Lamar Institute of Technology is a member of the Texas State University System.