Students from other countries holding a visa other than a permanent resident visa are considered international students. Applicants to Lamar Institute of Technology may be accepted for admission and have a SEVIS I-20 (F-1 visa) or Form DS-2019 (J-1 visa) issued when all requirements have been met. These requirements include:

  • LIT Application for Admission
  • International Student Application for Admission
  • Official secondary school, college, or university records (if applicable) translated in English and evaluated for authentication from a recognized United States evaluation company. Documents that have not been evaluated properly or that are photocopies are not acceptable. Both of these documents, foreign documents and translation, must be submitted with the application to the International Admissions Office. The transfer evaluation and document authentication must be completed and all documents in order before the student will be reviewed for admission and/or accepted into LIT. Records must show all subjects taken and grades or marks earned in each, both from the school and on tests given by the Ministry of Education. To evaluate your documents, you may select from the following Web site:
  • Evidence of sufficient financial support for the current academic year by submitting the International Student Financial State¬ment or an I-134 (Affidavit of Support; United States Citizenship & Immigration Services document). This financial statement must be an original, currently dated, and show funds in United States dollars.
  • Adequate proof of competency in English or a score of 500 or better on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) paper based test, 61 or better on the TOEFL (Internet Based Test) or 173 or better on the TOEFL (Computer Based Test) , administered by the College Entrance Examination Board, Box 595, Princeton, NJ 08540. Scores must be received directly from the testing service. Photocopies or student copies of test scores will not be accepted.

All international application forms, test scores, financial statements, and complete educational records must be on file in the International Admissions Office by the dates indicated:

Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Semester: April 15

International students who plan to transfer to Lamar Institute of Technology from another college in the United States must be in compliance with the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service federal regulations. Should you have any questions concerning this issue, please contact the International Admissions Office at +1 (409) 880-8356, or by E-mail:

Applicants accepted by Lamar Institute of Technology are required to attend a special orientation program for internationals new to the campus. Dates for the program are indicated in the acceptance letter and noted on Form I-20 or Form DS-2019, “Date of Arrival.” The program is designed to facilitate a smooth adjustment to campus. Students whose native language is not English will be tested for English language proficiency upon arrival. On the basis of these test scores, appropriate courses in English may be required.

International students also must maintain proof of adequate health insurance coverage with the University Student Insurance Program for the duration of their stay in the United States. Students will not be permitted to register without proof of health insurance coverage. International students who plan to drive an automobile in the state of Texas must have liability insurance. Special application forms and details on the procedure to follow in making application for admission to Lamar Institute of Technology may be secured by writing to:

Office of International Admissions
P. O. Box 10078
Beaumont, TX 77710