Solid State Circuits (CETT 1441);

Course Description: A study of various semiconductor devices incorporated in circuits and their applications. Emphasis on circuit construction, measurements, and analysis. This is the capstone course for the Certificate of Completion in Electronic Instrumentation. Students must take the WorkKeys TM Test.

Present & Past Syllabii

CETT 1441 syllabus     202310.CETT1441.2A1 syllabus     202310.CETT1441.6A1 syllabus     202360.CETT1441.2A1 syllabus     202390.CETT1441.1A1 syllabus     202390.CETT1441.2A1 syllabus     CETT1441_6A1_Spring_2024 syllabus     CETT1441_6B1_Spring_2024 syllabus     CETT1441_2A1_Summer I_2024 syllabus    

Sections and Instructors

Section: 2A1  Instructor: Weldon Jacobs

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