Professional Development: Truck and Bus Driver/Commercial Vehicle Operation (CVOP 2000)

Credits: 24, Lecture Hours: 24, Lab Hours

Pre-Requisites: None

Co-Requisites: None

Course Description: NATURE OF THE COURSE CONTENT (A description or brief outline of what is contained in the course): - 7-step vehicle inspection - Backing maneuvers - Air brake test - Coupling and uncoupling tractor to trailer - Sliding trailer tamdems for weight distribution - Actual road, street, and highway driving METHODS OF EVALUATION (How students are evaluated or graded): - 7-step vehicle inspection will be padd or fail hands-on test - Number grade score on each of the 10 backing maneuvers (at least 70% is required) - Air brake test will be pass or fail hands-on test - Coupling and uncoupling will be pass or fail hands-on test - Sliding trailer tamdems will be pass or fail hands-on test - Actual road, street, and highway driving will be a number grade score (at least 70% is required) STUDENT OUTCOMES (Upon completion of the course, what students will understand or be able to do): - Knowledge of proper vehicle inspection procedures - Safely and effectively perform 10 backing range maneuvers - Ability to perform proper air brake test on a combination vehicle - Ability to safely and correctly couple and uncouple tractor to trailer - Ability to safely and correctily slide tandems on trailer - Ability to operate a commercial combination vehicle on public streets, roads, and highways in a safe and professional manner

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