Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Defense Technology - Certificate

Q: How long is the Cyber Defense Technology Certificate program?
A: The Certificate of Completion in Cyber Defense Technology is designed to be completed in 1 year if the student enrolls in 12 SCH each Fall and Spring semester.  

Q: When can I begin the Cyber Defense Technology program?
A: Students can enter the program in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.

Q: Is there an entrance examination required to enroll in the Cyber Defense Technology (CDTC) program?
A: No specific aptitude tests are required to apply to the CDTC program. You do need to meet the admission requirements of Lamar Institute of Technology and meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. Students who do not meet TSI requirements will be required to enroll in developmental education courses in addition to the degree requirements.

Q: Can the Cyber Defense Technology (CDTC) program be completed online?
A: No, the extensive hands-on training that is received as a part of the CDTC program requires the student to attend face-to-face classes.

Q: May I transfer a course into the program?
A: Courses will more than likely transfer into the program as long as you successfully completed the course receiving a grade of C or better at a regionally accredited college or university. The Registrar will review your transcripts for transfer courses.

Q: What types of financial aid are available to me?
A: The financial counselors here at Lamar Institute of Technology are more than happy to help you investigate funds available for your education. For information about financial aid, go to the Financial Aid link on our website. You can also apply for our numerous scholarships.