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The Office Administration Technology certificate program develops levels of competence in the skills and knowledge needed by entry-level office workers in modern businesses and organizations.

LIT also offers students the opportunity to graduate with a Certificate in Office Administration Technology completing 30 hours of specific college courses. The one-year Certificate in Office Administration Technology will enable the graduate to obtain an entry-level position in a business office, doctor's office, or legal office. The program of study includes classes in office procedures, accounting, supervision, small business, and computer applications.

Students who choose to pursue a Certificate award must 1) be able to see a computer screen, 2) have fine hand and finger dexterity, 3) be able to communicate verbally, 4) be able to hear sufficiently to use typical office equipment, and 5) be able to sit or stand for the majority of a workday.

Students can begin the one-year certificate programs without having passed the TSI Assessment. However, students must pass the TSI Assessment before registering for the English course required for completion of this certificate program.

The intensity and standards of the Office Administration Technology Certificate are high. Therefore, all courses in the Recommended Program of Study must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Any Office Administration Technology student who does not earn a grade of "C" or higher must repeat the course.