The course is one semester (Fall or Spring) which is approximately 16 weeks and consists of two classes that must be taken together (NURA 1301 = lecture and lab and NURA 1260 = clinical). You can contact the Program Director with questions about applying to LIT or registering for the Nurse Aide classes at (409)-839-2008 or by email . I have included below some additional information that relates to the Nurse Aide course specifically:

If you pass BOTH classes, you are then eligible to take the State Certification Exam after the completion of the classes. If you pass both the skills and written parts of the State Certification exam, you would then be listed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. I always like to let prospective students know this since some are under the impression that simply completing the class means you are then a Certified Nurse Aide which is not the case. The state of Texas also requires a minimum number of hours from students in both the classroom/lab and clinical site, therefore attendance is very important.

The estimated tuition is $1280 + Books and Supplies.
A criminal background check will be completed on each student. This is a requirement of the state of Texas. This is because there are certain offenses determined by the state of Texas that would bar a student from being able to take the class, take the certification exam, or work as a Certified Nurse Aide.