Crime Scene Technician

Certificate (CERT)


This certificate trains students to secure a crime scene and collect information and evidence essential for criminal convictions.
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What Will I Learn?

Coursework provides an overview of the criminal justice system and investigative techniques. It also includes training on the processing and preservation of evidence.
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What Can I Do With This Certificate?

Graduates are prepared for careers as Crime Scene Technicians. If you are already employed in the criminal justice field, this coursework will enhance and broaden your knowledge and skills.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete the required 24 semester credit hours curriculum. You must earn a grade of “C” or better, completing at least 25% of the program coursework at Lamar Institute of Technology. If you don't take or finish the College Success Skills Course (DORI 200), you will be exempt.


Program Credits: 30
Lecture Hours: 28
Lab Hours: 6

Admissions Requirements

There are no specific admissions requirements for this program of study.

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Kenneth J Mason

Academic Deptartment Chair
Technology Center, Room 116A