How do I become an Instrumentation Technician or Instrument Tech?

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1. How do I become an Instrumentation Technician or Instrument Tech?

Complete the Instrumentation Technology Associate of Applied Science program through Lamar institute of Technology.

2. Instrumentation Technician Education Requirements.

To obtain an Associate of Applied Science in Instrumentation Technology, students must: Complete the Institute's college success course, complete 15 hours of general education, and 45 hours of program specific requirements and courses covering the following topics: In the beginning, students will learn electrical safety, AC and DC electrical theory, and how to use basic test instruments and multi-meters. Students will also be introduced to calibration practices and general instruments and equipment such as transmitters, meters, switches, gauges, and bench-test equipment. After demonstrating proficient knowledge in the areas above, students will advance to courses covering motor control techniques, power distribution systems, programmable logic controllers, automation techniques, process control theory, control loop principles, and troubleshooting.

3. How Long Does it Take to Become a Instrumentation Technician or Instrument Tech?

Most full-time students will finish in two years or less depending on if summer classes are taken; however, if you are limited to evening classes only, or the number of classes you can take each semester is restricted, the time in the program will be extended depending on individual circumstances.

4. How Much Does a Instrumentation Technician or Instrument Tech make?

Starting salaries vary greatly due to the variety of job opportunities and various fields open to instrumentation technicians. The most common employment opportunity in our area, refineries and petrochemical industries, generally have a starting annual base salary ranging from $50,000-$65,000.