Online Orientation: Student Services


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is in effect for any person enrolled in an institution of higher learning, regardless of age. Lamar Institute of Technology will not release information about you, your whereabouts, your grades or your progress in classes to anyone but you. Please make sure your parents, family and friends understand that if they have questions about your records they must ask you, not the college.

Release of student record information is not done at Lamar Institute of Technology without the expressed, written consent of the student. There are, however, some exceptions. For example, the college may release information to third parties requesting information that the Institute designates as “directory information” unless students place holds on their educational records. These may include addresses (local, permanent and email), telephone listings (local and permanent), dates of registered attendance, schools or divisions of enrollment, major programs of study and activities.

Please note that you have the right to withhold the release of directory information. Students may prohibit the release of directory information by submitting a written request to the Vice President for Student Affairs within 10 days of registration.

Please note two important details regarding placing a “No Release” on your record:

1. The Institute receives many inquiries for directory information from a variety of sources outside the institution, including friends, parents, relatives, prospective employers, the news media and honor societies. Having a “No Release” on your record will preclude release of such information, even to those people.

2. A “No Release” applies to all elements of directory information on your record. The college does not apply a “No Release” differentially to the various directory information data elements.

Any questions concerning FERPA should be referred to the Office of Records at Lamar University.