Eaglet Camps


2021 Summer Eaglet Camp Line Up

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As Eaglets get creative they may be building a tooth pick tower, preparing for an egg drop or designing their dream roller coaster. When Eaglets get active they are out of their chairs competing against their peers in team building exercises designed to have them thinking and mindful of their feelings and those around.

Line Dancing

Have your youth join us as we step in rhythm with our Line Dance Camp. With the help of our local area Cheerleaders and Dance Team members we are offering a line dance camp that will move the Master Camp attendees through their summer one step at a time. This class is designed for anyone with an interest in learning some of the classic and more recent line dances. Parents will be invited to come and watch on the final day before pick up. 

Project Create

Project CREATE Master Camp attendees will learn valuable skills utilized in the Multimedia Industry. They will work with state-of-the-art equipment, software, and their smart phones to create a final video and/or a graphic design project with their peers. A strong interest in visual communication and creativity is a must.

Summer in Color 

Join our “Summer in Color” Eaglet Camp where our campers will experience a world of arts and crafts as they jump into a summer full of color. During this weeklong camp, our Eaglets will improve social/emotional, motor, and cognitive skills through hands-on interactive crafting! 

Theater for the Ages

A two-week long camp primarily focused on acting with a small dive into the world of scenic artistry. Campers will prepare and rehearse a monologue provided by the instructors, while exploring what it means to develop a character and channel emotions into a monologue. Campers will also be learning how to paint their own scenic landscape on a small canvas that they will be taking home at the end of the camp.


Do you find your child walking around as though they have Tiks that we as parents like to blame on the Tok? In our Tik Tok camp we will lead our Master Camp attendees to learn a few of the most popular dances as a group while learning about self-confidence and the use of transitions in the app. 

Water Ecosystem

In this TEKS aligned summer camp, students will explore the world of aquatic and environmental sciences. While learning about local clean water filtration processes each camper will build their own unique ecowater system to take home at the end of the camp.

Camps added as they become available. Not all camps listed above may have firm dates and times scheduled. Check this page often for updates.

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