The following policies are specific to the use of information technology by LIT's faculty, staff, students, and guests. For other policies see the LIT Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF). Questions about policy should be directed to the Director of Information Technology.

IT Policies

7.0 Information Resources (Updated 2/23/17)
Contains definitions of terms used in all IT policies. Creates IT Steering Committee. Defines IT policy management life cycle.
7.2 Electronic Information Resources Accessibility (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines accessibility requirements and standards for electronic information resources (e.g., applications, web pages, IT hardware, etc.). Establishes EIR Coordinator role. Defines accessibility-related procurement requirements.
7.3 Information Security Program (Updated 2/23/17)
Identifies security-related roles, responsibilities, and reporting requirements. Establishes LIT's information security program. Defines requirements for information security risk assessment. Establishes information security awareness program. Defines security exception process. Defines requirements for information security incident response.
7.4 Information Asset Management (Updated 2/23/17)
Identifies responsibilities for information owners, custodians, and users. Defines standards for handling confidential and sensitive information. Defines requirements for transfer, disposal, or destruction of electronic storage media (e.g., hard drives, USB flash drives, etc.).
7.5 Account Management (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines requirements for creation, management, and use of LIT computing accounts. Defines requirements for controlling access to accounts and data. Identifies documentation requirements.
7.6 Passwords and Other Authentication (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines requirements for password security.
7.7 Network Management (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines wired and wireless networking requirements.
7.8 Server Management (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines requirements for server management by Information Technology and other units.
7.9 Change Management (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines requirements for managing changes to IT resources.
7.10 Physical and Environmental Security (Updated 2/23/17)
Defines requirements for the physical security of IT devices, the data center, switch closets, and other critical IT facilities.
7.11 Information Security
Defines requirements for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of information systems. Includes business continuity management requirements.
Other: InCommon Federation: Partipcant Operational Practices
Documentation outlining LIT's participation in the InCommon federation.