Human Resources Contacts

The Lamar University Office of Human Resources provides human resource administrative and support services to all offices and departments of Lamar Institute of Technology under the Inter-Component Services Agreement between Lamar University and Lamar Institute of Technology.

Lamar Institute of Technology

Earlene Turner
Human Resources Manager
(409) 839-2054

Lamar University

Catherine Benson
Associate Vice President
(409) 880-8355
Brenda Dixon
Human Resources Compliance Officer
Title IX, Training, Employee Relations, TWC
(409) 880-8373
Jeff Bell 
Human Resources Director
Training, Title IX, Emp Relations, Special Projects
(409) 880-2215
Carolina Bryan
Human Resources Specialist
Leave and Workers' Compensation
(409) 880-7373
Laura Bowman
Human Resources Assistant 
Reception, I-9's
(409) 880-8375
Cynthia Walker
Human Resources Benefits Manager
Employee Benefits, Retirement Programs
(409) 880-2257
Lena Carr 
Human Resources Assistant 
Background Checks, Scanning
(409) 880-7139
Dindy Robinson
Human Resources Director
Compensation and Employment
(409) 880-8375
Lois Brumley
Human Resources Assistant 
Scanning and Documentation
(409) 880-7893
Donna Franklin
HRMS Coordinator
HRIS/HRMS, Vets Emp Preference, HR Budget
(409) 880-2213
Robert (Bert) Wagner
Training and Development Manager
Employee Training and Development
(409) 880-7912
Ebony Minix
Human Resources Specialist, Sr.
Personnel and Payroll Actions
(409) 880-8973 
Terri Jones
Human Resources Benefits Analyst
Employee Benefits, Retirement Programs
(409) 880-1780
Jacqueline McCue
Staffing Coordinator
LU/LIT Faculty/Staff Employment, F3.1's and Faculty/Staff Hire Packets
(409) 880-2212
Xundra Ward
Staffing Manager
Staffing Supervisor, Staffing Policy, Posting Advertisements
(409) 880-1801