Biological Sciences

Associate of Science (AS)


The two-year degree program at the Institute in Biological Sciences is a good foundation for entry-level technician jobs in private industry and government. It should be noted that the majority of higher paying jobs in biology require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

What Will I Learn?

This course provides an overview of basic knowledge related to biology's relevance to industry and the natural world around us.

What can I do with this Degree

Graduates of this program are suited for entry-level technician or laboratory positions in companies. While some jobs allow a person to begin working with an AS-BS in an entry-level position, many jobs in the field of biology require a four year degree (or higher). Thus, this degree can serve as an excellent stepping stone toward work in the biological sciences. This degree prepares you for: pre-nursing, pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharmacy, wildlife biology and laboratory sciences.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete 60 SCH of coursework, including the 42 SCH core curriculum which transfers to four-year institutions.
Program Credits: 60
Lecture Hours: 27
Lab Hours: 0
There are no specific admissions requirements for this program of study.
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Melanie Daleo

Program Director
Multi Purpose Center, Room 215

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