Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Degree Program - Associate of Applied Science

Q: Is it true that you have to be an X-ray Tech before you can enter the Program?
A: No, this is not a requirement. LIT offers an AAS Degree for both the Diagnostic Medical and Cardiac Programs. Only the requirements listed in the application are needed.

Q: How do I apply, what are the requirements?
A: See the program application packet or visit the LIT web-site for full details. There are also advisement/information sessions provided every semester that anyone interested may attend. Dates and times are listed on the LIT web-site as well.

Q: Can I transfer in courses to fulfill the prerequisites?
A: Yes, LIT will make the final determination on transfer courses. Only credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities are accepted. You may call or e-mail or call the Sonography personnel with specific questions about your transcripts.

Q: Is LIT accredited?
A: Yes, through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Q: Is the Sonography Program accredited?
A: Yes, both the Medical and Cardiac programs are accredited by CAAHEP (administered by the JRC/DMS).

Q: When is the application period?
A: The Sonography application deadline is April 1st. If April 1st falls on a weekend, then the application is due by the next business day.

Q: When do I do the Criminal Background Check?
A: You must submit a criminal background check from with your application on April 1st. Apply for the background check no later than a month in advance but earlier than 2 months in advance.

Q: Do I take HPRS 1204 or CNA (Certified Nursing Aide or Assistant)?
A: Either class is accepted. LIT offers a HPRS 1204 class as well as CNA classes. Lamar State College-Port Arthur and Lamar State College-Orange both offer CNA. Various nursing homes also offer a non-college credit CNA course (you must get your license for this to be accepted). A current CNA license counts for an additional 2 extra points. HPRS 1204 has no associated license so no extra points.

Q: How many students are accepted each year?
A: A maximum of 12 students in the Medical and 10 in the Cardiac programs are accepted each year. The student capacity depends on the number of available clinical sites for student placement.

Q: Can I do this program on-line, part-time or in the evening?
A: No, the Sonography Program is a full-time course of study, not a collection of courses that lead to a degree. Clinical must be done during regular department work hours which are weekday, day-time hours with some evening rotations only. Clinical rotations are 3 days a week for 8 hours each day (24 hours a week).

Q: How many times are students admitted each year?
A: Students are accepted once a year. Students accepted into the programs will start classes that summer.

Q: Are the graduates able to take the ARDMS exams?
A: Both Medial and Cardiac Sonography graduates meet the ARDMS Prerequisite #2 for taking the exams. They must take a physics exam, and then can choose between the Abdomen or the OB/GYN exams to become registered. Cardiac Sonography graduates must take physics and the adult Echo tests to become registered.

Q: Do I have to take and pass certain classes before I can take other classes?
A: YES. If needed, developmental math must be taken and passed before MATH 1314 can be taken and MATH 1314 must be taken and passed before SCIT 1420 can be taken. If needed, developmental reading/writing must be taken and passed before ENGL 1301 or BIOL 2301/2101 can be taken and BIOL 2301/2101 must be taken before BIOL 2302/2102 can be taken.

Q: When I’m accepted at LIT am I accepted into the program?
A: No, acceptance into the program is a competitive application. Space is limited (See application packet or attend an information