Cadet Uniform / Equipment List

Regional Police Academy

Classroom Uniform:

  • Men: Khaki Dickies Pants (Style 874); Khaki Dickies Shirt (Style 1574) – No Limit
  •  Women: Khaki Dickies Pants (Style 774); Khaki Dickies Shirt (Style 1574) – No Limit
  •  Long sleeve shirt required for tattoos on arms (Style 574) – No Limit
  •  Black leather uniform shoes or boots. (These must be smooth leather with plain toe capable of being polished – patent leather or high-gloss type shoes are not acceptable)
  • Black socks
  •  Black undershirt
  •  Black belt – 1 1/2”

Purchase Optional:

  •  any solid black winter weather gloves • any solid black winter knit cap
  • Police Academy baseball cap
  •  Rain gear (This must be solid black or department issued and may be either a jacket and pants or a jacket only, trench-coat type is acceptable, poncho type is not)

Physical Training (PT) Uniform:

  •  Running Shoes (not cross-training, walking, or court shoes)
  •  White Socks (no higher than low calf, must be solid white)
  • Police Academy PT Shorts and Shirts – No Limit

Purchase Optional:

  •  Black bicycle type shorts (to be worn under PT shorts)(no markings or logos)
  •  Black sweatpants and/or sweatshirt (no markings or logos)

Required Equipment:

  •  (1) Gun belt (Safariland, model 875) and (4) belt keepers (leather)
  •  (1) Flashlight (must be push button activated)
  • (1) Gym bag (May be any style Backpack or Bag)
  • Pen (black ink)
  • Spiral notebook or loose-leaf paper (for note-taking)
  • Small notepad (pocket sized)
  •  Mouthpiece (for boxing and defensive tactics)
  • Lock for locker (recommended)
  • Book – Texas Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook (Current Edition)