Residential HVAC Installation - Certificate

Residential HVAC Installation-Certificate

The Residential HVAC Installation Certificate program provides students with foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities for entry-level employment in the residential and light commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.

This certificate is currently offered only to dual-credit students.

What will I learn?

Students enrolled in this certificate program will learn basic electricity principles, refrigeration principles, A/C control principles and A/C installation and start-up.

What can I do with this Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is to provide training, through their high school, for the student to move quickly into the air conditioning and refrigeration career field.  All the courses in this certificate apply toward the Certificate of Technology and the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Residential HVAC Installation

This certificate is offered through the students high school and consists of a 4-semester (16 hours) curriculum.
Program Credits: 16
Lecture Hours: 8
Lab Hours: 24
There are no specific admission requirements for this program of study.
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