Mechatronics - Associate of Applied Science

Mechatronics - Associate of Applied Science

The Mechatronics Technology program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair and maintain industrial machinery and equipment such as cranes, pumps, engines and motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, production machinery, marine deck machinery, steam propulsion, refinery, and pipeline-distribution systems.

Mechatronics are responsible for the engineering of many of the primary devices humans utilize daily. From smartphones, to automobiles, and even the Amazon ordering process, mechatronics are the creative force behind their existence. In addition, they ensure that factories and machinery are operating safely and effectively by conducting both routine and emergency maintenance, while also finding ways to make processes more efficient and effective overall.

What will I learn?

The degree is designed to be flexible, giving the student a strong background in electronic and mechanical systems. The core includes mechanical, electronic and embedded systems/software fundamentals, principles and design concepts.

You will learn the skills needed to install, troubleshoot, and repair robotics and automation equipment for a variety of systems.

What can I do with this Certificate

Electromechanical technology is a high-demand field with high-projected-growth occupations. By pursuing a Mechatroics Technology degree, students are trained and prepared for immediate employment opportunities. These opportunities include 
  • Install, repair, and maintain robotics

  • Install, repair, and maintain automation equipment

  • Logistic Technicians

  • Product Design Technician

  • Quality Control Technician

Degree Requirements

This program is a 4-semester (60 hours) degree program leading to the Associate of Science in Mechatronics degree.
Program Credits: 60
Lecture Hours: 47
Lab Hours: 48
There are no specific admission requirements for this program of study.
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