Plumbing Technology - Certificate

Plumbing Technology - Certificate

If you like working with your hands, solving problems, and helping others, maybe a career as a plumber is right for you. Plumbers install, maintain, and repair piping systems that supply water and gas as well as waste removal from homes and businesses.

What will I learn?

Our plumbing program will teach you the different types of water supply systems, reading and sketching blueprints, plumbing codes, installing and maintaining plumbing piping and fixtures, and allow you to work with a variety of different tools and equipment.

What can I do with this Certificate

Graduates of the Plumbing Technology Occupational Certificate will enter a high demand field with excellent wage-earning potential. According to the US Department of Labor, the demand for plumbers in Texas has a 22 percent growth rate over the next ten years.

Graduates of the Plumbing Technology Occupational Certificate have the opportunity to work as:

  • Residential/commercial plumbers,
  • Industrial or maintenance plumbers, and
  • Independent business owners or contractors.

Plumbing Technology - Associate of Appli

A graduate of the 3-semester (33 hours) program is awarded a Level I Certificate in Plumbing Technology.
Program Credits: 33
Lecture Hours: 19
Lab Hours: 75
There are no specific admission requirements for this program of study.
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