Mentoring Program

The eLITe Mentoring Program was envisioned by Dr. Lonnie Howard, our President. Dr. Howard saw the need to innovate a community that will assist in the further cultivation of LIT’s students becoming successful and highly educated individuals. The program was born to inspire and promote excellence, integrity, and respect through the eLITe way of life.

Our mission: Build and foster meaningful and professional relationships between, LIT faculty, staff, students and our employers/partners.

Students say: 

  • "I have gained confidence, and feeling like I belonged to something important!​"
  • "I gained a deeper insight to LIT."
  • "eLITe has helped me relieve some of the mental chaos while getting acclimated to college life. All in all the program is well worth the time and energy."
  • "eLITe is awesome, empowering and positive." ​

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring, at its core, is: traveling far, together, in a relationship of mutual learning.

eLITe connects an LIT student with a mentor (faculty, staff or employer). The experience is customized and tailored to the mentees’ needs (i.e. academic, professional, personal, emotional). The program engages the pairs around campus as well as career services activities and community service. 

We focus on identifying the broad range of needs that students know they have and then providing concrete strategies for getting those needs met or by referring them to existent support services. One at a time, the students are integrated to the fabric of our college.
Interested in joining the eLITe ranks?
Note about our mentors: Any LIT employees, faculty or staff members can volunteer. We also welcome mentors from our community and partner employers. Our goal is to facilitate our students' transition when they are entering college, as well as, when they are onboarding in the professional world.

Need more info? Contact Celine Hodge by email, or phone 409-951-5709.
Get the most out of the eLITe experience!
  • Mentoring cycle: is set to two semesters. 
  • Mentor Expectations: 
    • ​​Attend New Mentor orientation
    • Attend semester-based general session or workshop 
    • Participate in 1 community service event within the semester w/ mentee  
    • Meet or communicate with mentees weekly 
  • Mentee Expectations:  
    • Attend eLITe orientation  
    • Attend monthly general sessions   
    • Attend two career development events within the year
    • Attend one social event within the semester  
    • Participate in 1 community service event within the semester with mentor  
    • Meet or communicate with mentor weekly
We want the experience to be manageable, fun, and engaging for both Mentor and Mentee. Pairs are welcome to formulate their own communication plan and support system.

Program's expectations are engagement opportunities and therefore flexible. eLITe mentoring is about individual student learning and growth, which means participant needs will vary in outcomes sought.