The Lamar Institute of Technology's Mentoring Program matches students with faculty or staff mentors with the shared goal of enhancing student success. Mentors are volunteers with interests in helping students succeed at LIT. Mentors assist students with a wide range of topics related to student achievement, careers and skills. Students and their mentors meet regularly at mutually convenient places and times on campus. The mentoring program is open to all LIT students and is a superb complement to traditional academic and technical instruction.

  • expand collapse WHAT IS MENTORING?

    Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between LIT faculty or staff members and LIT students. The mentoring relationship develops as students request advice and guidance from assigned faculty or staff members who offer solutions to academic questions and frustrations. The mentoring relationship is formed outside of regular classroom activity, and within all LIT policies, rules, codes of conduct and regulations

    The mentoring program does not replace advisement or other services on campus, but mentors will work closely with these service areas to help you locate and use them effectively.

  • expand collapse WHAT IS A MENTOR?

    A mentor is an LIT faculty or staff member who volunteers to provide extra guidance for students when academic questions or frustrations arise. Mentors make themselves available outside of their regular classroom, work or advisement roles.
    In a phrase, mentors are professionally skilled friends who will listen and offer constructive academic advice.

  • expand collapse WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO HAVE A MENTOR?

     All LIT students are eligible to participate in the mentoring program.

  • expand collapse WHAT WILL MY MENTOR DO?

    Mentors will arrange regular meetings with their students. Meetings will be held during the mentor’s office hours or at other times convenient to both parties. Communications by E-mail or phone can supplement the relationship. Discussion topics range from academic success to career choices or study skill tips. Mentors will provide guidance and answer students’ questions and concerns. In addition, mentors will serve as resources to assist students as they navigate the complexities of LIT and higher education.


    Mentors will not replace services already offered by LIT, but instead will direct students to the appropriate resources and offices. Moreover, mentors will not tutor, edit classwork, negotiate grades with students’ instructors, or directly assist with problems of a non-academic nature.

  • expand collapse HOW DO I ENROLL?

    It’s easy! Simply pick up an application in the Office of Student Services (Beeson Building), the Learning Lab (TC Building) or the Multi-Media Lab (MPC) and complete it. Then submit the completed application to Justine Landry in Cecil Beeson, Room 105 and she will take it from there. Students will then be matched with mentors on the basis of academic and technical interests. You will then be contacted by your mentor early in the semester so that your first visit can be scheduled.


    For more information, please call 409-880-8187 or e-mail