The LIT Regional Police Academy includes a twelve week physical training component in its curricula. It is in the interest of every cadet to prepare for the physical training regimen to the best of their ability.

Towards the beginning of the academy, each cadet will go through a physical assessment. Each cadet will have their blood pressure and heart rate taken as well as perform a three minute step test. The three minute step test measures the body’s ability to recover from stress. If results from the blood pressure test, heart rate, and three minute step test are acceptable the cadet will be allowed to participate in the physical assessment. High blood pressure, heart rate or poor recovery rates may require the cadet to go receive medical clearance before they can participate in any physical assessment or training.

The physical assessment administered at the beginning of the academy is the same as the final PT Test given after the twelve weeks of physical training.

The assessment consists of the following tasks:

  • Sit-ups – 32 sit-ups within a 1 minute time limit
  • 300 meter run – 67 second time limit
  • Push-ups – 26 with no time limit (you can only rest in the up position)
  • 1.5 mile run – 15:32 time limit

Any cadet who fails the final physical training test will be allowed up to two attempts at a retest. The retests will be given before the end of the academy. It is the responsibility of the cadet to work on their own to train for the retests. THERE IS NO FORMAL PHYSICAL TRAINING IN THE ACADEMY AFTER THE FINAL PT TEST. Failure of the final retest will result in dismissal from the academy.

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