TSI Information

TSI Testing During Covid-19 Closure
Adhering to the THECB rule 4. 55 “exceptional circumstances enroll without assessment but assess no later than the end of the first semester of entry level”, LIT will not TSI test until the campus fully reopens and has testing capability. New students who enter without ACT/SAT scores or showing TSI exemption from dual credit classes or previous testing, should be placed in college level classes for their first semester and required to take the TSI test at the end of their first semester, unless they have passed one or both Math 1332 or Engl 1301 making them TSI complete. If a student only passes one of the above mentioned college ready classes, the student should take the placement test in the deficient subject area. 
Students who know they need intervention courses in Reading/Writing should be encouraged to take developmental model of English courses or co-requisite model. A student who thinks they are borderline should enroll in the co-requisite model. All students who believe they are prepared for college level English should be enrolled in ENGL 1301.
Students who are wanting to take a math course and know they need intervention should be placed in TMTH 0374 & TMTH 0174 or TMTH 0375 & TMTH 0165. Students who feel they are close to ready should be encouraged to be enroll in the co-requisite model math courses.
If the student believes he/ she is ready for college level math, the student should only be allowed to take Math 1332 without TSI testing. If a student needs Math 1314/ Math 1342 for their degree/program path, the student should either enroll in TMTH 0375 & TMTH 0165 –or-wait to take a math course until TSI testing is available to place the student.  Students cannot take Math 1314 or Math 1342 without taking the TSI.
Once the LIT campus and testing center reopens to the public and it’s safe for students to test, the campus should return to the normal testing policies and course placements.
If the testing center opens prior to August 1, students advised until these exemptions must schedule to take the TSI test and review their schedule and course placements.