Add or Drop Courses

Students may drop a course and receive a grade of “Q” during the first six weeks (two weeks in a summer session) of the semester, after meeting with an advisor and/or department chair. For classes dropped after the penalty-free period, grades are recorded as “Q” or “F,” indicating the student was passing or failing at the time of the drop.

A grade of “Q” may not be assigned unless an official drop has been processed through the Records Office or Web for Students. A student may not drop a course within 15 class days of the beginning of final examinations or five class days before the end of a summer term. Students should check the published schedule for these dates.

Students who want to drop, add or be reinstated must fill out a drop/add/reinstate form and submit it to the Office of the Student Services (Located in the Eagles' Nest Building in room 123) for approval.

Six Drop Rule

Under section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code, “an institution of higher education may not permit a student to drop more than six courses, including any course a transfer student dropped at another institution of higher education.” This statute was enacted by the State of Texas in spring 2007 and applies to undergraduate students who enroll in a public institution of higher learning as first-time freshmen in fall 2007 or later. Any course a student drops after the census date is counted toward the six-course limit if “(1) the student was able to drop the course without receiving a grade or incurring an academic penalty, (2) the student’s transcript indicates or will indicate that the student was enrolled in the course and (3) the student is not dropping the course in order to withdraw from the institution.”

See Drop/Add/Reinstate Form