Online Education: Withdrawing

Students who want to withdraw during fall, spring or summer semesters must complete a Withdrawal Petition in the Office of Student Services.

Students must clear all financial obligations and return all uniforms, books, laboratory equipment and other materials to the point of original issue. If the student is unable to clear financial obligations at the time of withdrawal to the Institute and files an affidavit of inability to pay, the student will be permitted to withdraw with the acknowledgement that transcripts will be withheld and re-entry to the Institute will NOT be permitted until all financial obligations are cleared.

A student may not withdraw within 15 class days prior to the beginning of final exams during the fall or spring semesters or five class days prior to the end of a summer semester. A student who leaves without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of “F” in all courses and forfeit all returnable fees. Students should review the published schedule for specific dates for withdrawals.

See Withdrawal Petition

Forced Drops

Initiated by Instructor: When absences other than approved absences seriously interfere with the student’s performance or safety of student or others, the instructor may recommend to the department chair or Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development that the student be dropped from the class. Faculty may also recommend withdrawal from class for students who are unsafe due to careless behavior or have disregarded the absence policy of the instructor. If this action is taken after the first six weeks of a full semester or two weeks of a summer session, a grade of “F” may be recorded for the course.

Forced by Administrator: The Vice President of Student Services, on the advice of competent medical personnel, may require withdrawal or deny admission of a student for health reasons (mental or physical).