Corporate Training Catalog

Lamar Institute of Technology Workforce Training Department provides assistance and coordination for contract/customized training to area business and industry. LIT partners with national global corporations to provide customized training, open enrollment courses, professional seminars and technical manager development. LIT Workforce staff members are focused on the energy, and advanced manufacturing sectors, but also provide training for retail, school districts, health care organizations, computer technology, non-profits, and other industries.

Lamar Institute of Technology is committed to building tomorrow’s workforce by analyzing company goals and developing a training plan to advance a business’s most important asset: human capital. An investment in developing an organization’s talent sets them apart from the competition. Lamar Institute of Technology College is designed to provide business technical training solutions.

LIT offers flexibility to meet your company learning and training needs via:
  • Face to face classroom instruction
  • Online 24/7 access
  • On-site customized to your organization

These classes can be matched with approved credit classes or offered as a non-credit certificate.

Some services provided are:
  • New hire training for plants and industry
  • Develop and deliver customized training plans
  • Curriculum development
  • DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) Job Analysis
  • Identify resources and partner with training professionals and vendors for specialized training

Working with Lamar Institute of Technology offers customized training anywhere, anytime, and in any way including online. Additional benefits include: college credit for attendees (CEU or transfer credits), curriculum design experts, a source for recruiting new employees, vast instructional resources, and the confidence that the instructors and trainees are experienced and certified.