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Class “A” Commercial Driver License Training - $3,000

Class “B” Commercial Driver License Training - $1,500

Refresher Course - $550 

Advanced Refresher Course - $1,000

Completing the registration application does not enroll you in an upcoming course. Dates, times and cost are subject to change wihtout prior notice. 


Applicants must:

Application Process: 

To begin the application process students must:

  • Complete the waitlist application for one of the following courses:

Class A Commercial Driver’s License

Class B Commercial Driver’s License

Refresher Course

Advanced Refresher Course

It is a requirement of the Academy that applicants use the Texas Department of Public Safety Beaumont Facility, located at 7200 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont, Texas, for all Academy testing requirements. The applicant's driving record, physical exam and drug screen results must meet DOT standards to qualify for acceptance in the Academy. Admission is on a first come first serve basis. Start dates scheduled after all required documents and payment or letter of intent for payment from a sponsoring agency are complete. Tuition payment will not be collected until an individual has satisfactorily met all admission requirements and been officially accepted into the training program. The Academy will notify applicants as soon as possible concerning their acceptance status.


The Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) Truck Driving Academy does not accept financial aid, federal student loans, or payment plans for the $3,000 tuition fee. Full payment is required prior to beginning the program. There are some agencies in Southeast Texas that may help students with tuition and fees if the student meet the agency eligibility requirements.

You may contact the following agencies for more information:

Agency Phone
Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission 409-899-8444
TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Beaumont 409-924-7320
TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Port Arthur 409-963-4700
Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas - Beaumont 409-839-8045
Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas - Port Arthur 409-962-1236
Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas- Orange 409-882-0302