Program Review

Lamar Institute of Technology's (LIT's) educational programs conduct a program review (also referred to as a self-study) according to a fixed cycle to ensure all programs are reviewed regularly. Each academic and technical program conducts an in-depth self-study of its curriculum, faculty, student enrollment and success, community impact, and resources once every five years. 

These reviews provide several benefits to LIT's educational programs, including an evaluation and analysis of the program’s quality and effectiveness; identification of programmatic needs or improvements for future direction; a system for programmatic oversight and transparency; and to guide systematic development of the program. The review process also provides an overview of program strengths, challenges, and needs for its faculty members and the institution. A review connects an individual program’s annual unit planning and learning outcomes assessment to institutional strategic planning and decision-making. Program reviews create the foundation that ensures the continuous improvement of LIT programs and the efficient allocation of institutional resources.

Program reviews are ongoing and take place according to the Program Review schedule (see below). The Program Review Handbook breaks down the program review process into the following steps:

  1. Set Up. Establish a Program Review Committee; create a review schedule or timeline; determine committee members’ roles.
  2. Research & Analysis. Collect and review program-related data and information; consult with program faculty, staff, students, Advisory Committee, and other stakeholders; analyze and consider issues, challenges, and future program directions.
  3. Self-Study Report. Using results of research and analysis, complete a comprehensive self-study report. Self-studies include a program improvement plan based on the review’s findings.
  4. Review & Approvals. Submit the self-study report to the program Department Chair and Dean, the Academic Quality Committee, and Vice President for Instruction/Provost; after reviews are complete, collect approval signatures.
  5. Program Review Follow-Up. Implement the improvement plan created as part of the self-study; evaluate the plan’s implementation on an ongoing basis; finally, report on improvements to the program and plan for future progress.
The Program Review Handbook details the program review process, the program review schedule, a sample program review timeline, data and information resources, a guide to writing a program self-study report, and a sample program improvement plan timeline. A program conducts a self-study in the fall and is reviewed in the spring.

Program Review Handbook - PDF | Word
Program Review Academic Template - Word
Program Review Technical Template - Word