Utility Line Students Partner with Kountze Chamber to Honor Veterans


attachment image-Utility Line Students Partner with Kountze Chamber to Honor Veterans

The LIT Utility Line program collaborated with the Kountze Chamber of Commerce to recognize local veterans in honor of the upcoming Veterans Day holiday.

The class hung banners that display a photo and the name, title and years of service of Kountze community members who have served.

“This project gives them an opportunity to use the skills they have learned as well as benefitting the community where some of them may live and work in the future,” said Leigh Burks, Silsbee Coordinator. “When they enter the utility line industry, the companies that employ them will participate in events of this nature and it is always good to give back.”

In addition to giving back to the community, the students pick up valuable climbing experience that they need outside of the school environment.

“Developing good climbing skills is very important in utility line work, it is one of the first things we teach our students,” said Burks. “The utility poles our students learn to climb are new and have not been exposed to the elements. This community service project gave them the opportunity to experience surroundings and conditions they have not yet encountered, providing them with additional educational experience.”

The students will return after the holiday to remove the banners to be stored until next year. Learn more about the LIT Utility Line program at https://lit.edu/programs/technology/utility-line-technology/certificate.