You must have the following skills to be successful in an online course:

General Skills

  • Start up, shutdown, or restart your computer
  • Typing
  • Use a Mouse to navigate
  • Scrolling - to view and move within an entire page
  • Install/uninstall software and plug-ins
  • Use a CD-ROM
  • Connect to and use the Internet

Program Management Skills

  • Start and quit programs
  • Word processing - cut, paste, rename, delete, save, and retrieve text, pictures and files
  • Desktop features - resize, move, maximize, minimize, and close windows

File Management Skills

  • Create, rename, delete, copy, and move directories, folders, and files
  • Transfer, download, upload

Communication Skills

  • E-mail - create, send, forward, reply, save, group mail, and attachments
  • Discussions Boards - post, send, and review messages
  • Chats - follow proper etiquette for live chats

Troubleshooting Skills

  • Always check with instructor and course materials for any additional requirements.