Criminal Background Screen

Health Information Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Lamar Institute of Technology will conduct a criminal background check through Texas Department of Public Safety on all HIT Program Students. Results from this background check will be maintained in the student's file. In the event a student has a disqualifying conviction, as listed below, the HIT Program Director will advise the student further.

The clinical agencies used by LIT are required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to ensure that personnel having contact with patients be free of any past or present criminal behavior that might jeopardize the welfare of the patient or personnel.

To comply with this requirement, the following criminal histories will disqualify an individual from consideration for admission into the Health Information Technology Program:
  1. Misdemeanor or convictions/deferred adjudication or felony convictions/deferred adjudication involving crimes against persons (physical or sexual abuse).
  2. Misdemeanor convictions/deferred adjudication related to moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposure, etc.)
  3. Felony convictions/deferred adjudications for the sale, possession, distribution, or transfer of narcotics or controlled substances.
  4. Registered sex offenders.