Policies & Procedures

Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities

An extracurricular activity is an activity representing the student body, any student organization, any department or division organization or any general activity representing Lamar Institute of Technology.

Any officially registered, full-time student not on disciplinary or scholastic probation is eligible to become a candidate and/or to hold student office or to represent the Institute in an extracurricular activity. The student must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 for both total college work completed at the Institute and from the preceding semester.

For the purpose of establishing eligibility, two six-week summer terms may count as one semester. Transfer students have the same eligibility as freshmen students until completion of one semester.

Student Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct applies to every student enrolled at Lamar Institute of Technology. The Code is adopted according to authority granted by the Board of Regents of The Texas State University System. The Code of Student Conduct is outlined in the Student Handbook. Each student is expected to be fully acquainted with these policies.


Hazing is prohibited in state educational institutions by the Texas Education Code. Students of the Institute are forbidden to engage in, encourage, aid or assist any person(s) participating in what is commonly known and recognized as hazing. Any student who does so will be subject to disciplinary action and might also expect to be dealt with by civil authority. Refer to the Student Handbook for more specific definitions and information relative to the legal implications of hazing.

Falsification of Records

A student who provides false information or makes false statements to any Institute official or office, or on an official form submitted to the Institute, is subject to immediate dismissal.


An official summons takes precedence over the student's other Institute activities and should be answered promptly on the day and hour designated. Failure to heed an official summons may subject the student to serious disciplinary action.


The Institute is not responsible for debts contracted by individual students or student organizations, and will not act as a collection agency for organizations, firms or individuals to which students may owe bills.

Students and student organizations are expected to honor contractual obligations promptly. In case of flagrant disregard of such obligations, the Business Office or the designated representative will take appropriate action.

Failure to pay all Institute fees by the specified date will result in suspension through the 12th week in the long semester and the fourth week in the summer term. After the 12th week in the long semester and the fourth week in the summer term, failure to pay all fees by the specified date will result in suspension at the end of the current semester and may include (a) denial of readmission, (b) withholding of grades and transcripts and (c) withholding of degree.


Each student who pays the necessary fee is issued a vehicle card that permits parking on the campus. This card is numbered and is to be displayed as instructed in the official parking and traffic regulations, which are issued when automobiles are registered. Strict observance of traffic and parking regulations is necessary for the safe, orderly flow of vehicles in the campus area.