There are several steps that you can take when having technical difficulty.

  • The first and most important step is to attend orientation. Orientation provides pertinent information so that you can have a positive and successful online experience. Problems will occur, but hopefully you will be equipped with necessary information to solve the problem. 

  • Secondly, run the technology – learning environment compatibility check.  If you receive all green checks, the compatibility check was successful. If you received a red “x”, follow the repair instructions. . If instructors require any special software or plug-ins needed for the course, they should indicate that in their course information. 

  • In addition, several links, emails, and phone numbers are provided for you to handle your technical problem.

    • Start with your instructor first.

    • “Speak up” if problems arise. If you experience difficulty with anything from understanding course assignments to technical difficulty be sure to contact the instructor first, then the help desk at or 409-839-2074. 

  • In some instances the Blackboard server may be down on the weekends for any number of reasons: maintenance, power outages (scheduled, unscheduled, weather related, etc). If the outage or maintenance is scheduled, instructors will be notified so they may pass on the information to you.