In most cases the first day of class will be the first opportunity you have to login to your class. User names and passwords are generated by the system. Please make every effort to remember them because your instructor will NOT know them.

User Name and Password

  • Your student ID can be found on your LIT tuition payment receipts, your acceptance letter and within Self-Service Banner.
  • Your password is the last six digits of your social security number.
  • If you are taking an online course that utilizes additional (resources e-Pack) from the textbook publisher, you may need a STUDENT ACCESS CODE. The access code will be provided with your textbook and/or your instructor will tell you how to access your code.

Blackboard Learn Login

  1. Go to the Lamar Institute of Technology website.
  2. Click on Student Information
  3. Click on Blackboard Learn
  4. Type in your Username and Password
  5. Click on Log in.
Your online course will be available to you the first day of class.
If you register late and are unable to log on, you may need to contact your instructor/s to let them know that you have enrolled in the course. The instructor can add you to the course.

Instructor name may be found on your class schedule and instructor's phone number my be found in the faculty staff directory.
Familiarize yourself with the tools in Blackboard