Pre-admission Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Testing Policy

General Information

The ATI TEAS exam is different than the TSIA Placement Test, which is required prior to beginning school. If you are unsure when you should take the ATI TEAS, please speak with an advisor before you register. Registration for the ATI TEAS test should be made well in advance of the application deadline to ensure a seat, as seats are limited.  ATI TEAS does not issue refunds.

The ATI TEAS test is part of the application process to apply to Allied Health and Nursing Programs at LIT. The ideal time to take this exam is the semester before you plan to apply for your chosen program(s). Ideally you should be in the process of completing all or most of your Pre-requisite classes that are required before you apply to the program(s) of your choice. These classes will assist with some content of the TEAS test. Please read about Allied Health and Nursing program Admissions requirements under Programs on the LIT website.

Registration and Payment
  • Register through the ATI website at for the refunds. 
    TEAS for Allied Health (Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography and Respiratory Care, Nursing) as specified by the LIT professional program(s) you are interested in applying for admission.  You must register with the same name that is on your governmental photo ID. On test day, you must bring the user name and password created to register for your exam.  If you test at a site other than LIT, please use your T# for the student ID # that ATI TEAS requests so that we may identify you when you request ATI to send the score to us. If you did not or cannot use your T#, please email or call and speak with the testing coordinator so that we can identify you as the rightful owner of those scores once you have requested they be sent here. If you have a T# and test at LIT, your scores will be entered into banner by the end of the testing day. If you have not applied to LIT and have no T#, please alert the testing coordinator to enter your scores into banner once you receive a T#.
  • Special accommodations should be made with Special Populations and Testing Center before registering with ATI to ensure resources are available. Requests for accommodations on the test day will not be provided. You will be rescheduled. NO Exceptions.
  • Exam fee $107.00 each testing session plus tax (Fees subject to change)
    • Retest fee: $107.00 plus tax
  • One exam transcript (exam score) will be provided to the school of the student’s choice with the purchase of the ATI TEAS exam.  Additional transcripts (exam scores) may be purchased and sent to additional schools.  See the ATI website for the cost of additional transcripts ( 
  • Important Note: Check the testing registration schedule and avoid waiting until the end of the testing period to assure testing times are available prior to the admission deadline.  Admission packets will not be accepted past the deadline.
Pretest Check-In
  • Secure personal belongings in the assigned space.
  • Provide government issued ID to validate identity (Driver's License, State ID, passport).
  • Have your ATI TEAS login information, including user name and password. 
  • Sign in on the official exam roster.  
  • Allow proctor/designee to check eyeglasses, inside and outside of mask if student is utilizing one, forearms, wrists, hands, ankles, and empty pockets.  Hooded jackets and caps are not allowed (except for religious and health reasons).  Food, drinks, candy, gum and electronic devices are not permitted in the testing room and must be powered off and secured in the area provided to the student.
  • We will provide you with what you need on the testing day, including scratch paper, pencils, earplugs, and a calculator will be built into the test.
  • All instances of misconduct will be reported to all interested parties.
Scores for the TEAS Preadmission Exam will be valid for two years.  Students applying for admission with ATI TEAS test scores > 2 years old should plan to retake the exam prior to admission.  Check the testing registration schedule and avoid waiting until the end of the testing period to assure testing times are available prior to the admission deadline.  Admission packets will not be accepted past the deadline.

Ranking of Candidates
Students are ranked for acceptance to competitive programs based on numerous factors. Overall (composite) TEAS exam scores are only one part of the ranking rubrics for admission. There is no set benchmark for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Since TEAS testing is required in order to be considered for admission to some LIT competitive professional programs, it is recommended that anyone who scores less than 50% consider retaking the TEAS exam, no sooner than 30 days after the testing date. For more information on admission requirements, see your prospective program’s web page on the LIT website (

Instructions for Students (after the exam)
  1. Analyzing the TEAS Score: Refer students to the professional program’s page on the LIT website regarding preadmission testing.  Recommendations for desirable scores are available on the web page.  Students need to analyze their scores in relation to the desired scores recommended for admission.  If the student determines higher scores are desired, then refer the student to the ATI TEAS website information for remediation and preparation to retake the exam.
  2. Test Preparation & Remediation: If the student desires to retake the TEAS preadmission exam, we strongly encourage remediation.  Resources are available on the ATI TEAS website at Numerous strategies for remediation are available.  The resources provided below are for information purposes only and do not guarantee success.  Remember, it is your effort and determination that leads to success.  Utilize the resources you feel are necessary and within your budget.  Potential resources for TEAS remediation include practice exams, study guides, content review, etc. Remediation materials may be found at the following locations.
    4. Testprep-online (free)
    5. (free practice tests)
    6. Amazon, Target, & Walmart (online and in stores)– Prep books with practice exams ($10.00 - $48.00)
      3. Repeat Exam Policy: Students may retake the exam no sooner than 30 days after the testing date.  Remediation between exams is highly recommended. When you retest, you should retake all sections as the LIT AH and Nursing programs look at your Total Score.  See the ATI website ( for ATI TEAS exam preparation.  No more than 3 exams total per calendar year will be allowed. Retest fee: $107.00 plus tax.  LIT utilizes the Overall (composite) TEAS exam scores for each test administration. 

      4. Subjects Covered
a. Reading      55 minutes     45 questions
                      b. Math          57 minutes     38 questions
                      c. Science       60 minutes     50 questions
                      d. English       37 minutes     37 questions